About Us

Jewish Arts is a non-profit organisation that fosters Jewish vitality and Australian multiculturalism by presenting diverse, high-quality arts endeavours that embody aspects of Jewish culture.

We are guided in all our activities by a set of Values.

Our Team consists of a hardworking Board of Management that is supported by an invited Membership Forum and a growing Subscriber Base. This generous pool of volunteers is often assisted by still more volunteers to make our various endeavours possible. We love our volunteers! 


Jewish Arts was founded in 2007 by Judy Campbell and incorporated as a non-profit association in 2009. Many events and projects have been undertaken since then, with the support of partners and volunteers. In 2013, Jewish Arts was accepted onto the Register of Cultural Organisations, making it possible to offer tax deductions on donations. Another milestone was approval in 2014 as a constituent organisation of the New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies. The organisation has presented many, many events across multiple artforms.

We are especially proud of our multicultural work, embodied in many projects over the years:
2011: "Yemen-Nite", an exploration of artforms from Yemen.
2012: Launch of "One of a Kind", a Jewish Egyptian musical.
2015: "Tikkun Olam, a Multimedia Exploration (TOME)", culminating in an art exhibition featuring reflections by Korean, Aboriginal and Jewish artists on the concept of 'repairing the world'.
2016: A second TOME event 
2017: "A Community of Choirs", featuring multiple choirs from diverse backgrounds.
2018: "Song Beyond Survival", the 4th Australian Jewish Choral Festival, celebrating the music of Holocaust Survivors.