Our Values

All the activities of Jewish Arts are guided by these values:

  • We provide the Jewish and wider community with opportunities to enjoy and learn about Jewish culture
  • Our organisation is cultural, rather than religious
  • We provide innovative, artistic pathways to explore Jewish identity
  • We offer opportunities to participate in and learn about aspects of the arts in a Jewish context
  • We are open to supporting all artforms
  • We pursue maximum accessibility to arts experiences for potentially marginalised sectors of society, e.g. youth, women, individuals with disabilities, seniors
  • We promote cross-denominational unity within the Jewish community
  • We respect all forms of Judaism, but take a centrist path:
    • Catering at our events is kosher
    • No public events take place on Shabbat, and any events on a Saturday night take into account travel requirements after the close of Shabbat
    • Our activities are open to men and women, with no separation
  • We support and nurture arts practitioners who create, teach or present art with Jewish content
  • We encourage Jewish arts practitioners to create and present art in a Jewish context
  • We promote cross-cultural harmony and tolerance through arts projects