Past Projects

About This Project

"themezzuzproject" is a living history project to record family stories in the Jewish community. "Exodus 2" is a sub-project celebrating the vibrancy of pre-explusion Jewish life in Egypt. It is a form of memorial for Generation 1 and an attempt to engage subsequent generations in a joyful way. 

Each family has created a mezzuzah as a symbol for each of the Jewish families that lived in Egypt before the 1950's.They hold the names and address of the family to whom the mezzuzah is dedicated, with particular attention to numbers of grandparents, parents and children in the household, a claph (parchment) and significant words, sentences or stories that people would like to memorialise about their families.

Exodus 2 partners with the musical theatre project "One of a Kind" in reaching out to Egyptian migrants and their Australian descendants. Starting in Sydney, the intention is to include other cities that hosted this migration.

The workshop is kindly hosted by the Sephardi Synagogue, Fletcher Lane, Woollahra, and supported by funding from the Waverley Council. There is no charge for the event.

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