Visual Art

Headed by artist Estelle Rozinski, the program currently includes projects to create symbolic Jewish items - e.g. Seder plates, Mezzuzot - and intercultural artistic collaborations culminating in multimedia art exhibitions - the "Tikkun Olam" series. 

"Tikkun Olam - a multimedia exploration" is the first in what is intended to become a series of rich projects contributing to intercultural understanding through artistic interaction. This event includes examples of work from the Jewish, Aboriginal and Korean communities. themezzuzahproject takes several forms and includes events for seniors at the Montefiore, and an event focussing on the Egyptian community, entitled "Exodus 2". 

Estelle has exhibited as a ceramicist, printmaker and photographer. In 2001 she was featured as the lead ceramicist in the Australian Ceramics and Pottery magazine. Estelle studied ceramics at the National Art School East Sydney, and completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales, majoring in printmaking. Her most recent passion is curating:

"As a curator I feel I have a responsibility and commitment to the community. I believe that art, like music, has an ability to take people on a journey of the heart and to move them beyond words. The visual landscape has the power to be inclusive of ‘the other’ and as such it has a role to play in the forging of friendships, the weaving of ties between community groups and the ability to facilitate greater knowledge, understanding and healing."

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